About Vex 7


Vex 7 is a running game with a brand new challenge and gives everyone moments of great entertainment as well as suspense and thrill.

The newest version of the well-liked and intriguing stickman game Vex 7. All of the additional options that were included in the most recent game update will appeal to you. Along with the fantastic new levels filled with a range of intriguing new types of obstacles, you can now take advantage of the skins collection, daily challenge mode, and extra-level opportunities. Drive the stickman over perilous obstacles, leap over thorny tunnels, avoid blades, and avoid falling boulders! Tall barriers can be climbed more easily with double leaps, however, security cameras should be avoided since they might discharge lethal lasers. You will certainly enjoy the new levels because the game keeps getting more challenging while simultaneously becoming more engaging and addictive. With superior graphics, you'll become completely engrossed in the game due to the improved visuals and audio effects.

How to play

You will control your character by moving the mouse, and using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The game is free on phones and computers, but playing on the computer will bring the best experience.

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