About Word Swipe


Word Swipe is an addictive arcade game based on the puzzle theme. In this game, you have to find words from various letters in a limited time to earn points.

Your task is to find the meaningful words in a set of letters on the playing screen. The letters are arranged in a messy way, but there are meaningful words in them. Be quick to find meaningful words and remove them. Each time you find a meaningful word, click on the letters and when they turn green press the whole cluster to clear them. That word means when they turn green. However, after you remove a word, the other letters will be pushed to the bottom. So if you clear the words below first, the words above may be affected. You should start from the top of the play screen first. Besides, you need to clear at least one row to get a high score. The more words you remove, the higher your score. Note that you have a time limit for each level.

There are many different levels. Find all the meaningful words in the game screen to complete a level. This game gives you attractive gameplay, easy controls and simple mechanics. You just need to use the mouse to click on the letters you want to combine into meaningful words. You can join horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Features of Word Swipe 

  • The exciting puzzle arcade game
  • Various levels
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics

How to play

  • Mouse click.

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