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Diggy is a fascinating adventure game in which you have to control your Minion character to explore the underground world and exploit precious resources.

Game’s Character 

Welcome to the world of underground adventures! In this game, you have the opportunity to participate in underground explorations in search of valuable items. In particular, you can become a minion character, one of the famous cartoon characters. Have you ever watched the Minions cartoon? Are you a fan of this cartoon series? If you are an enthusiast or have ever watched this cartoon, you will be attracted by the adorable Minion character because of their cuteness and mischievousness. 

This yellow Minion character has a cute colour scheme. With the yellow can, they stand out everywhere. Besides, it also wears lovely outfits and big glasses. That has created a unique beauty for this character. Now, this lovely character appeared in this game, named Diggy. This character will hold a drill to work. Let's start this game and join in voyages of exploration with Minions!

Your Missions

In this idle game, you will transform into a Minion to discover the underworld of the ground. Before beginning playing, you can set the sound mode on the top right screen to have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience. In addition, if you want to play again one more time as a new player, you can restart this game in the Reset section on the main screen. If you complete the setting process, let's come to the official game.

After pressing the play button, you will find yourself in a remote mountainous area with vast expanses of uninhabited land. You found that on this enormous land, there are countless valuable resources that you can exploit and profit from this resource. Therefore, help your character in the exploitation and earn income from this remote land. Right from the start, you will have a hand drill. Use this drill to dig underground where valuable resources are located. On your screen, red dots will appear. These locations have natural resources. Besides that, there are other resources that you cannot see with the naked eye. Use the radar to search for the most valuable items.

You can drill anywhere with your drill. However, you have limited energy resources. When you use up one hundred percent of your energy, you will have to stop the search and start a new mining day. Let's see how many items you can mine a day and how much gold you can collect. In addition, you can also see how far you have drilled after the end of a mining day. Note that you will be deducted points if you drill into the rock.

Upgrades and Features

An important feature you should perform is an upgrade. You can upgrade minerals and your equipment including driller, battery, and radar. Let's see each object you can upgrade!

The first item is a driller which you can upgrade into four versions.

  • A large Funnel creates more wide holes in the Earth.
  • The additional capacitor can make the twice deeper tunnel, but it will use more energy.
  • The spectral compensator can drill all kinds of ground with the same efficiency, but not the giant granite stones.
  • The emitter of neutrinos can solve both the giant stones.

You also upgrade your battery to improve the capacity of exploration in a day.

  • The solar battery helps you recharge the whole battery on the surface, but only one.
  • A rechargeable battery allows recharging 1-3 points of energy after every found item.
  • Seismic upgrade recharge 50 points of your energy with each dynamite explosion.
  • Diggillium, known as the nuclear battery, gives maximum energy and warms your back.

The final equipment you can modernize is radar.

  • Lucky radar increases your detection radius.
  • Navy radar with military technology reveals more hidden objects.
  • Price radar adds the option "detection of a price of an object".
  • Doppler radar is the only radar which can detect the wandering truffle and slow it down.

In addition, you can unlock new minerals except for three basic resources, including iron ore, copper ore, and bones.

  • Iron ore is the cheapest and the most widely spread one.
  • Copper ore uses for alloys. wires and processors.
  • Bones of s strange creature are anatomy.

By upgrading equipment and minerals, you can mine for a longer time and higher profit. It is easy for you to dig deep into the ground. Besides, you will feel the mining becomes more interesting as you dig more valuable resources. They will all bring you achievements.

This game is an addictive mining adventure game. Thank the intriguing gameplay, easy controls and simple mechanics, you have a great opportunity to entertain. Explore and exploit various resources and minerals. 

How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press the left mouse button and pull your mouse to dig
  • Press the E key to activate the rada


Is there a Diggy 2?

Currently, Diggy 2 is a mining game that is expected to be released in the near future. The second version of this game will also be based on the gameplay of mining and mining minerals and natural resources. However, it is expected to bring many innovations to players. Our website will be updated continuously. Follow our website to update new games as quickly as possible!

Is Diggy on mobile?

Diggy game is available for both PC and mobile. You can easily access it with any smart device.

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